Bowen, Miclette & Britt Insurance Agency, LLC

International Insurance

Whether your US based company has a large multinational presence, or is just considering the possibility of expanding operations abroad, BMB’s team of professionals has the knowledge and expertise to not only place coverage on current domestic operations but also serve its clients at an international level.

A small sample of international exposures includes:

  • Import/ Export products
  • Owned/ operated foreign locations or foreign subsidiaries
  • Overseas sales offices and/or warehousing
  • Participation in international joint ventures
  • Invest in mature and emerging markets
  • Involvement in foreign contractual relationships
  • Involvement in diverse activities, requiring customized levels of service and management information
  • Involvement in a broad spectrum of business overseas,
    from high-tech to heavy manufacturing to construction

Our teams’ expertise, commitment to service, and leverage with influential underwriters in the marketplace gives us an advantage over our competition. Our risk management professionals have experience on the international level and will work vigorously with our clients to ensure a safe work environment by offering various services, such as risk identification, total cost of risk valuation, and safety program evaluation and design. Don’t leave yourself open to international exposures, let BMB help!