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Management & Professional Liability

Whether your company is public, private or non-profit, the individuals in charge of its direction and performance make decisions on a daily basis that can have an adverse affect on your company, regardless of intent. These individuals can be sued for a variety of reasons stemming from securities claims, wrongful acts, wrongful employment practices and fiduciary duties, to name a few. These lawsuits threaten not only the company’s assets, but also place the hard-earned personal assets of the individual making the decisions at risk. Regardless of whether or not the individual is ultimately held liable for a claim, the defense cost alone can be extremely expensive.  It is a common misconception that the protection for this type of risk is found in other areas of a company’s insurance program, such as General Liability and Umbrella policies. If properly designed and implemented, a Management & Professional Liability insurance program can protect your company, its managers and employees from this burden of liability, covering the cost to defend claims while backing up the decisions and actions of the company..

Claims against companies and managers can
come from several sources including:

  • Customers
  • Competitors
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Suppliers
  • Government Regulators
  • Employees
  • Shareholders

The team of professionals at BMB assists in the design and implementation of Management and Professional Liability insurance programs tailored for the unique exposures faced by your organization. Our clients include public, private & non profit entities in a wide variety of industries. First, we begin by understanding your business - its history, industry, customers, organizational structure, ownership, management, products & services, and financial picture. We then use this information to work with the insurance underwriters in developing coverage options that best fit your needs. Our team has strong relationships with underwriters at many of the industries highest rated and most experienced insurance companies that specialize in this type of insurance.

Claims against companies and managers can come from several sources including:

  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Errors & Omissions / Professional Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Crime / Fidelity
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Privacy & Network Security

With BMB’s assistance you can be confident, knowing that your Management & Professional Liability insurance program can protect the financial well-being of both your company and the personal wealth of your directors and officers.