Bowen, Miclette & Britt Insurance Agency, LLC

Surety bonds


Contract Bonding

 Surety Bonds are vital for companies in the high-risk and competitive business of contracting. BMB understands that a company’s ability to secure a bond program encompasses more than a sound balance sheet. It’s the quality of management, which over time, avoids risks and creates conditions for success. That’s why our goal is to develop a personal relationship with each client- to understand your business from top to bottom. With this partnership, we apply our knowledge and skill to help improve your operations. Our in-depth knowledge of how sureties evaluate your business and management puts us in a position to be able to negotiate with underwriters in order to secure the best possible terms and conditions for your surety program.

Given our large number of construction clients and our familiarity with strategic management decisions, we are also in a unique position to offer meaningful advice and counsel on various management issues.

Our Contract Surety professionals have expertise with:

  • Bid/ Contract specification and Bond form reviews
  • Financial Planning/ Analysis to maximize bonding capacity
  • Job Cost/ Accounting systems
  • GC-CM/Subcontractor/Project owner prequalification
  • Annual review of account rates, capacity needs, and indemnity
  • Continuity planning and other long term strategic issues
  • Bid Bonds, Performance/Payment Bonds, Warranty, etc….

Commercial Bonding

In addition to contract bonding, BMB has experience handling many different “Commercial” bonds across various industries which helps us personalize our approach to your business and its needs.  We recognize the importance of bonding for Non-Construction accounts, and have a deep network of surety partners to help facilitate any needs or questions you may have.

Our Commercial Surety professionals have expertise with:

  • Oil and Gas Bonds (P&A bonds, BOEM, BIA and other US Government Entities)
  • Waste Hauling and Landfills
  • Service/Supply Contracts
  • International Bonding (Canada, Mexico, etc.)
  • Customs Bonds
  • Tax and License/Permit
  • Court Bonds – (i.e. Appeal, Sequestration, Release of Lien)
  • Private Equity & Publicly Traded Accounts


BMB understands that in a competitive marketplace, being bonded can mean the difference in whether or not your company succeeds.  We are staffed to deliver superior service, and we have the experience to handle your most involved and specialized bond needs.  With a wide range of top rated carriers on our side, extensive market intelligence, and a dedicated staff, BMB is committed to your growth and success.